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Patient Thank You's
Dr. Beer, We can't begin to thank you enough for the care you provided for our mother. Between you and Dr. Cook, we couldn't have been more blessed. Her progress is amazing us all and, at the rate she is going, she will make a full recovery in no time. God bless you and thank you again! Rebekah, Emily, Meara and Aspen (family of Nan Mill)

Dear Dr. Beer, Just a note to thank you again for your excellent care. Michael Kellam said the x-rays were beautiful ... of course he understood more than I did. Thanks again! Will see you in 6 months. Frankie (Frances) Neierhead and George.

Dear Dr. Beer, The dust has settled, reality hit, and life goes on. You were very good to me and my family during Arden's illness. I guarantee you he is giving all he had to get better. We appreciate your candor, care and concern. Without the surgery, he might not have been able to make that last pot of oyster stew on Christmas Eve or get the family gathered for our much treasured family portrait. Thank you, doctor. With love from the Epler family, Karen.

Dr. Beer, thank you for the great job you did. It is so wonderful to be free of a lot of pain that I've had for so long and I know with time it will be even better. Diane, thank you for the extra effort you put in to get all my paperwork done so quickly or my work and disability and for the visits at the hospital. Thank you to all the staff for all their concern, the smiles that make you feel better. The flowers were lovely. Thank you for them. Doris Scori. (Card reads, Thoughtfulness is always remembered.)

Dr. Beer, I want to thank you and all your staff for getting me in as a patient and doing my surgery so quickly. You literally changed my life overnight. Simple thanks don't seem adequate. Sincerely, Jeanette Howell.

Dear Doctor Beer, I cannot begin to thank you enough for getting me back in the hospital on 16 Jan 07. Had it not been for "a friend of a friend" and you so graciously caring for someone you never met, I do not know where I would be today. Thank you for going the extra mile to help a stranger. This has been a long and slow recovery for me due to my injuries from the accident and recovering from withdrawals due to some of the medications I was on. However, I saw my doctor this week and have been released to go to Mississippi for the remainder of the winter. Words seem so empty, but if I ever need a neurosurgeon, you will be first on my list. Forever in your debt, Thank you! Martha A Davis. (Card reads, These days, it means a lot when someone goes out of their way to do something nice for someone else. Thanks for what you did -- I really appreciate it.)

Dear Doctor Beer, Carole and I want to express our deepest and most sincere thank you for the care you are giving Carole. We feel truly blessed to have you as our doctor and friend and for the goodness of kind help you give us both. Thanking you again, we remain your loving friends and patient. Carole and Allen Blackburn

Dear Steve, You will never know how much it means to me to have Mom pain free because of your tremendous skill and care. Michael said that her latest lumbar x-rays were beautiful; a testament to your good work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Dear heart. Deb.

Dear Dr. Beer, Andy and Staff, I do not have words to express the gratitude I have. You gave me back my life, instead of an existence. Thank you, I wish all in your office the best. Sincerely, Cheryl J. Karkheck.

Dr. Beer
Thank you so much for supporting FFA and 4-H in Laramie County. It means so much to all of us to have such an awesome supporter all year long. We truly appreciate your generosity. Thank you for buying my hog at the FFA sale.
Allison Dolph

Dear Doctor Steven Beer of Wyoming Spine
Thank you for purchasing my FFA market Lamb at the 2008 Laramie County FFA and Cheyenne Kiwanis sale. The money will go towards college and buying more animals and feed.
Your friend, Brody Cress

Dr. Beer Congratulations!! Finally, someone is trying to give Cheyenne a "trust-worthy" hospital. Our family no longer goes to CMC and are using the facilities in Ft. Collins My son, Eric Lee, art teacher at Central High, who is type 2 diabetic, developed a foot ulcer. When an infection started, Dr. Sandra Devy sent him to the wound care clinic at CMC (big mistake) He was treated there for 2 months when I finally sent him to Ft. Collins Clinic. Within 2 weeks the ulcer began to granulate into healthy tissue and was completely healed in 2 more weeks. The physician said that everytime the area began to heal in Cheyenne, the oral antibiotics were used too soon and the infection started again. Eric was told at CMC that he was not caring for the wound as they prescribed. WRONG, I am a retired RN and I knew Eric was doing exactly as he was told to do. We contacted State Medical Staff, they investigated his chart and said our complaints were valid, but not sufficient for them to follow any further.

1.) Antibiotics were given 10 days straight IV (was good) but after 4 days of IV's nurse said to Eric, "We still don't have you in the computer! Oh well, I'll write what we are doing on this napkin." Eric was amazed.

2.) On the 5th IV a "sharp RN noticed dextrose was being mixed with IV instead of saline (great for diabetics) She got the right diluent from the pharmacy-next arm at IV meds-dextrose again! I called the pharmacist and complained and he said he was the only one there filling prescriptions and couldn't talk to me and hung up! I called Mr. Harms and told him about all the illegal things that were happening and he said he would look into the problems and would get back to me (I thought) - never heard from him!!
We should have sued CMC, pharmacy, etc. But we didn't - I hate medical lawsuits.

3.) Also, everytime Eric paid his bill he would ask "Is that all now?" Finally, they said "yes" all is paid and your file has been filed. This year 2008, after 1 1/2 he received a bill for 400.00. Against my judgment, he paid 400.00 worried about his credit rating. No wonder 1/2 of Cheyenne goes elsewhere for treatment! I love you for your input into the unbelievable conditions at Cheyenne at UMC or CMC, whatever.
Thanks, Helen K. Lee

P.S. Thansk for reading all of this!! Maybe you remember me, my husband was with me, I'm at your office when you treated me and we visited with you about you mother. Don Died in 2002, and have thought of her many times
and had a special prayer for her.


Casey Huckfeldt at the 2010 Scottsbluff Nebraska County Fair
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