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Patient Stories

Dr. Beer
Thank You Letters

Over a year, a decade or the lifetime of a doctor, lives are touched. When a neurosurgeon, such as Dr. Beer, enters the life of a patient, dramatic changes will occur. Surgery can lessen or eliminate pain, remove life-threatening tumors or blockages, or repair the damage a car accident created.

When your life changes, a simple "Thank You" doesn't seem to be enough. But the words do mean a great deal to these professionals whose goal is to eliminate pain and restore a person's quality of lie.

Read how these patients tried to express how they felt after being treated by ...

Shari / Melissa Anderson
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Kaylinna Marie Bazal

I became a patient of Dr. Steven Beer when I fell in a pot hole in the parking lot at work and ended up messing up my back. I have seen many different spine doctors for this back injury and no one wanted to fight with Worker's Compensation and my insurance company for my situation like Dr. Beer did. (read more)

The Tim Malm Story

A Medical Miracle: Tim Malm’s Recovery
“A one in a million unheard of will to live driven by one of the most supportive families I have ever seen”

Lasso or Noose

Calf ropers are rodeo contestants who compete to see who can lasso a calf and tie it up in the least amount of time and usually within only seconds. On June 6, 2010, Tim Malm, a strapping young man found out that seconds can change a life.

Although I wasn’t at the event, I feel as though I could have been. We watched the video over and over to try to see what exactly had happened. On that day, after Tim was delivered to the hospital by ambulance in a deep state of coma, the degree of injuries identified on his cat scan made no sense. I explained that to his parents in disbelief as I prepared to mentally prep them for what I figured would be the loss of their child. Boy... was I wrong.(read more)

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